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Smart Ways to Up your Home Entertainment Game in Singapore

Smart Ways to Up your Home Entertainment Game in Singapore

Ever wondered what makes theatres such an appealing place to catch a movie? Or perhaps bars, clubs, or arcades where many tend to run to when finding an outlet to be entertained? Surely, the company of a large group of friends and riveting music adds to the exhilarating atmosphere. But the unspoken hero in all these narratives and scenes is none other than – lighting. From ancient times where campfires were used to set the dramatic scene for storytelling to limelights illuminating specific areas of a stage, lighting, or at times its controlled absence, has been quintessential in setting the tone and creating the mood for entertainment purposes. With technological advancements, we now have a range of lighting options that adds to the realism of every experience we allow ourselves to indulge in and love today.

Up the Ante with an Automated System

With movies like Ironman and Netflix series such as Black Mirror embracing Artificial Intelligence and new technology, these fantasy smart homes are now becoming mainstream. Voice assistants and connected smart light bulbs are now an in-trend commodity amongst smart home enthusiasts in Singapore. Imagine the convenience of simply going “Hey Google, turn lights on,” and having your room be illuminated without any movement on your part. Near brings these prescient imaginations to life.  By linking the Near app with Siri, Alexa or Google assistant, our smart lighting control system allows you to add voice commands so that you can change your lighting settings while you are in the midst of watching a movie or an intense gaming session.

Set Up a Home Theatre with your Smart TV

Setting the right mood and creating an ambient scene for movie nights is crucial for a fully immersive experience. Using lighting effects that complement the movie on your Smart TV will help you achieve such a setup. Use the Near Smart LED strips that work perfectly in dark-night mood and feel like you are part of the movie. Offering a full range of customisation controls, choose from a wide array of colours and brightness to intensify the mood without putting any strain on your eyes. Feeling afraid of the gory scene? With the smart lighting control system, command Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa to turn the lights on for a less shocking effect.

How to Build a Gaming PC with Backing Lights

Smart Lighting for your Gaming Control System

To all the gamers out there, this one is for you! You have upgraded your system and purchased fancy wireless headsets and chairs, what more can you do right? Add back-lighting to up your battle station and enhance your gaming experience, of course! Install the Near Smart LED strips behind your gaming PC to create a bold statement. Enable its voice control features by linking it to your virtual assistant and go hands-free. Easy to install, with no hubs needed, change the scenes and effects of the lighting while you play different game

Amp Up your House Parties

One can only be in awe of the lavish parties thrown by celebrities. From food and drinks to lavish lighting displays, only the hostess with the mostess could dream. If you are looking to bring some life into the party, go ahead and paint the town red – literally. Control the scene with just one tap on the Near app and switch up the vibe as the fun escalates. Customise your lighting from more than 16 million colours when you have friends and family over. And as mentioned, light sets the mood – for everything.

Lighting is almost always an afterthought when it comes to elevating one’s home entertainment system or vibe. With Singapore offering more smart home connoisseurs a range of lighting options from smart LED night lights to LED strips, it has become easier to explore and play around with smart lighting options. The next time you decide that smart TVs are the frontrunners for smart homes, consider its successor – Smart lighting

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